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Mysore painting is the best choice to decorate your home. The miniature paintings, Watercolor painting and tanjore paintings are the gifting options.
Painting is the best mode of original expression, and the forms are plentiful. And even the unique and meaningful paintings and designs are always best to see and it creates some special feelings in the human heart. We are engaged in providing such types of paintings to all people. In the current era people do not have the opportunity to know about the golden period of Mughal’s. But you can get that opportunity with the aid of our exotic paintings.

The global art vision provides you the different types of paintings that are made of various sources. If you are looking for the best and different types of paintings, then you are in a right place. We also provide modern art, cultural art, mythological art and Indian art.

Our modern arts can move the glove into next stage. People are able to make all of their festivals and celebrations more memorable with the hundred percent handmade goddess paintings. You can also make your home more beautiful by decorating your home with stunning miniature arts. We provide the miniature painting that exactly shows the culture of India. We do not use any tools to make the miniature art which means it is entirely created by the expert handmade painters.

The highlight of these arts is the complicated and delicate brushwork, which shows them a unique identity. Our miniature paintings are handmade, vegetables, precious stones, minerals, and conch shells, pure gold, indigo and silver material. It extremely reflects the beauty of a painting. The miniature paintings have various themes and especially the most common theme is Ragas which means the musical codes of Indian classical music. These paintings are quite colorful and it is unique from other.

Now we also include the golden paintings that are entirely designed by using the twenty four carat gold. Those who want to get the unique paintings with some richness; we provide you the golden opportunity to get the golden and silver arts at our site. If you have been visiting more number of painting website available on the internet, chances are you are receiving pretty disappointment of not getting the exact paintings that you really want. We provide you the world’s best painting solution with different options that satisfy your needs extremely.

Indian painting have an extremely long history and tradition in Indian art. Mysore painting, Oil Portraits Painting, Pattachitra, Madhubani Painting, Modern Painting, Oil Paintintg, watercolor painting, Tanjore painting, miniature paintings and Mughal Painting are some popular and beautiful art forms in India.